Military History


Military History

Military History by Robert Citino explains the three types of military history historian’s focus on. New history is the first type of military history, which focuses on everything about war except for the battles and campaigns. Historians like to learn about the relationship war has on society when focusing on new history. Citino uses Fred Anderson’s Crucible of War as an example of new history because of it focuses on how the Seven Years’ War’s impact on the British colonies in North America rather than focusing on war. The second type of military history is operational history, which concentrates on analyzing the strategies of war. The third type of military history is culture and memory history or otherwise known as old history. Old history analyzes how society or a certain group of people remember and feel about a past war related event. Furthermore, Citino shows how historians use these three types of military history in order to explain the development old to new military history. This development has allowed historians to understand the complexities of war history from many different perspectives.

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